Creating a GO Football Customer Profile

  • You only ever do this once. i.e. Your GO Football Customer Profile stays with you for every GO Football Location.
  • Steps to create your  GO Football Customer Profile
    • Click any of the Orange buttons: you will be prompted to Login.
    • Click on the grey button “> I am a new customer and wish to create a profile”
    • Fill out those basic details and click “Save”
    • After clicking “Save” just follow the prompts.

If you are UNDER 16 years of age

  • Anyone under the age of 16 cannot have their own profile; they must be a Child on the profile of their parent or guardian.
  • Therefore the parent/guardian must have a  GO Football Customer Profile (they may never play, but they can still have a Profile).
  • The Parent then adds you as a Child to their profile via the “Update my profile” button.
  • Once you are added (as a child) to a profile, you can then be registered into any GO Football event that is suitable to your age group.
  • A parent/guardian can add any number of children to their Profile; but they MUST be the Parent or the Guardian (not chidden of friends etc).

16 year old obtaining their own  GO Football Customer Profile

  • Please send us an email via the form at
  • Make sure you give us your new email (not your parents) and ideally your own Mobile.
  • We will email you back within 24hrs with your login details for your own GO Football Customer Profile

Age Groups

  • Your age is determined by the Age you turn in the Calendar Year. e.g. Date of Birth 07/12/2003 is 16 in 2019


Register as an Individual

  • This button is used for 2 registration scenarios
    • You want to play in a Comp (eg GO Sevens) but do NOT have a team; so we will find you team.
    • All registrations into all non-team Programs (eg GO Camps).

Register your Team

  • This button is used by the team Captain who creates the team and registers into that team.
  • The Captain will then receive an auto email (“Captains email”) that can be forwarded to all other team members who follow the basic instructions to Join that team.

Join your Team

  • Your team Captain will have already registered (created) your team and received the “Captains email”.
  • Follow those instructions that start by clicking this button.

Team Captain Login

  • Captains can check everything about their team including info such as who has Joined the team.

Fixtures & Results

  • All Competition fixtures and results are accessed via this button.

Join the Fill-In List

  • If you want to play for any team as a “fill-in” (not a regular team member) then register via this button.
  • You are now effectively on a list of players who can be registered for a game rather than the entire comp.

Fill-In Opportunities

  • Players on the Fill-In List can use this button to see what teams need a fill-in on any given day. 
  • You can then select a team/game and register to play for that team in that game.
  • The GO Football Admin Staff might also contact you via email, sms, or mobile call, to ask if you are available for a game/team.

Update your Profile

  • You can change your profile email, mobile, or post code via this button.
  • You can also add a Child to your profile via this button.
  • Important: Anyone under the age of 16 cannot have their own profile; they must be a Child on the profile of their parent or guardian.

Pre-registrations are now open for senior players for GO Sevens at Darebin.

All pre-registrations are subject to:
  • the Victorian Government permitting contact community sport for players aged 19 and over;
  • any applicable directions or instructions given to FV, in its capacity as a state sporting association, by the Victorian Government and its agencies; and
  • FV releasing updated Return to Play Conditions for Seniors.
We are working towards a 4 week tournament with 7 matches in total for each team, however the structure of the tournament (and confirmation of the tournament being able to proceed) is also subject to factors above.

Any payments received by FV from senior players part of the tournament pre-registration process will be held subject to the tournament proceeding and the tournament structure. If the tournament does not proceed or a team is fixtured to play fewer than 7 matches, FV will refund an amount to each registered player who has paid a pre-registration fee that is proportionally adjusted to the final number of matches that the player’s team is fixtured to play. For avoidance of doubt, FV may in its discretion recoup a reasonable overall administration amount from the registration fee to cover expenditure incurred to plan, organise, prepare, administer and execute the tournaments regardless of the tournament structure. Refunds will not be unreasonably withheld.

1. To CREATE a NEW team:
Click the 'Register Your Team' Button

2. To REGISTER into an EXISTING team:
Click the 'Join Your Team' Button

Program Details

Venue: Darebin Football Centre
DAY OF PLAY: Thursday
DATES: 4 August 2022 - 15 Sept 2022
KICK-OFF TIMES: 7:40pm & 8:20pm
7 v 7 including goalkeepers
Max of 12 eligible players
2 x 20 minute halves (5 min half time)
Club uniforms not required
No offsides
Shin Pads Compulsory
Players must be at least 14 years of age as at 1 January 2022
A Finals week will be played post competition

Location Details

Address: 281 Darebin Road, Thornbury 3071

Phone: 03 8804 2301