Five-a-side football is the fastest growing sport in Australia.

Each team fields five players (four outfield players and a goalkeeper), with matches played on a smaller pitch, with smaller goals and a shorter game duration.

Matches can be played indoors or outdoors on a range of surfaces, which may be enclosed to prevent the ball from leaving the playing area. A modified, constantly flowing format, with exciting, high-possession football, great for beginners right through to elite players.

With mixed, male and female competitions, you'll find the perfect match for anyone aged from 6 to 60.

Key features of GO Fives include:

  1. Played on a pitch a little larger than a tennis court, with five players on court and up to three reserves
  2. Unlimited substitutions and shorter game length - perfect for all fitness levels!
  3. Players touch the ball on average 14 times more than 11-a-side players
  4. Suitable for all ages, all standards, and all fitness levels
  5. No training required; just turn up and play

Download GO Fives Rules