Become a GO Football Provider!

Go Football is a dynamic and innovative platform to improve delivery of the social football pathway across Victoria.

Developed by Football Victoria, the platform provides clubs, venues and associations with a single tool to deliver social football programs to increase the variety, capacity and capability of football programs on offer, boost engagement - and ultimately drive revenue.

The GO Football website delivers:

  1. Social football programs under a single brand
  2. Competition management
  3. Collection of participation data
  4. A single payment gateway

What are the key benefits?

  1. Improved promotion of pathways and links between social and competitive football
  2. Tools to assist venues with marketing
  3. Players covered with Personal Accident Insurance
  4. New revenue streams through diversification of programs
  5. Flexibility: Providers can deliver just one or multiple programs
  6. The platform is available to Clubs, Associations, LGAs, RSAs & other private providers

I'm interested!

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Sue Collins
Brighton Soccer Club

"It's really important for our club to offer a program through the summer months, because the off-season is a huge piece of time in terms of six months.

So getting them playing in the summer months means that they keep their skills up - and it means that we can bring in people that aren't necessarily members of our club to play with friends. It's a much more social environment."